I Can See Dog Car Seat / Dog Booster Seat / Dog Bed /Cafe Mat - Get your dog traveling in comfort and style
 Pricing current as at 29th January 2017
Some of my seats are one off most are limited edition.

My seats are lovingly handmade here on The Gold Coast Qld. with attention to detail using quality fabrics they are not mass produced. 

I love sourcing fabric for special requests however it may incur addition costs.

My aim is have all dogs traveling in Comfort and Style.

Singles 50cm :     $209 includes GST  
Medium 60cm :    $231 includes GST
Doubles 70cm :    $242 includes GST
Fur Linings add $11 to above prices
Special orders where fabric is imported .

Single 50cm   : $258.50 includes GST
Medium 60cm: $280.50 includes GST
Double 70cm  : $292.60 includes GST
Fur linings add $11 to above prices

Custom Order Mini 40cm POA

Add your pets name : one name $19.80
                                  : two names separate $39.60
                                 : two names on the same side  
                                     together $30.80 
Cafe Mats : $27.50 includes GST + $8.80 postage
Imported fabric Cafe Mats $33.00 + $8.80 postage

Replacement straps $11 includes GST + $8.80 Postage

Replacement covers:
$132.00 includes GST
$154.00 includes GST for imported fabrics

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