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Cafe Mats and Bandana's 

 Cafe Mat a light weight mat that rolls up to put in your handbag. 50cmx 60cm
No more sitting on the dirty pavement for your pooch when you stop off for coffee at you dog friendly cafe.
Perfect for mat training at puppy school.

Perfect for a trip to Bunnings to line your trolley.

 Cafe mat $33.00 +postage $9.35   dachshund

Imported schnauzer fabric Cafe mat $38.50 + $9.35 postage.

French Bull dog medium Bandana's $11.00 each Postage $2.20

Pupparazzi Pups Bandana Medium 26cm $11.00 Postage $2.20

Cavalier Hibiscus 26cm Bandana $11.00 Postage $2.20

Cavoodle Cherry Blossom Bandana Medium 26cm $11.00
Postage $2.20

Monopoly Bandana Medium 26cm and matching Cafe mat $44.00 the set plus postage $9.35

Love hearts Bandana Medium 26cm $11.00 Postage $2.20

Green Medium 26cm Bandana $11.00 Postage $2.20

Pink Unicorn Bandana Medium 26cm $11.00 + postage $2.20

Cavalier and coffee Bandana 26cm Medium $11.00 + Postage $2.20

Maltese Bandana 26cm Medium $11.00 Postage $2.20

Teal French bull dog Cafe mat $33.00 +postage $9.35

Black & white French Bull Dog Cafe Mat $38.50 +postage $9.35

Imported French bull dog Cafe Mat $38.50 + postage $9.35

Pink Dachshund Cafe Mat $33+Postage $9.35

Imported French Bull dog Hibiscus Cafe Mat $38.50 +postage $9.35

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