Get your dog traveling in comfort and style - Company Message
 Pricing current as at 11th October 2018


Single 50cm
one small dog or two very small dogs
$214.50 + freight

Medium 60cm medium dog or two small dogs : $236.50 +freight

Double 70cm  2 small dogs or one medium size dog:    $247.50+freight

Fur Linings add $13.20 to above prices
Special orders where fabric is imported .

Single 50cm   : $258.50
Medium 60cm: $280.50 
Double 70cm  : $292.60
Fur linings add $16.50 to above prices
Imported fabric Cafe Mat $38.50

Custom Order Mini 40cm POA

Add your pets name : one name $19.80
                                  : two names separate $39.60
                                 : two names on the same side  
                                     together $30.80 

Cafe Mats : $33.00 + $9.35 postage
Imported fabric CafeMats $38.00+ $9.35 postage

Replacement straps $11 includes + $9.35 Postage

Replacement covers:
$137.50 + postage $19.80
$181.50  + postage $19.80 for imported fabrics
add $13.20 for fur lining.

Bandana's medium 26cm $13.20

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Please note : I will be on annual leave from 19th October - 8th November 2019. Custom orders have now closed until after my return. My machinist will be working on stock while I am away and I am hoping to have around 30 +seats in stock ready to go on my return . Photos will be added to website around 11th- 12th November. Hopefully something for everyone.
 I will not have access to my email from 19th October until 9th November. 
Many Thanks for your patience.