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What is the seat made of ? 

The seat is made of high quality Australian made Dunlop foam.

How does the seat attach to the car ? 

The seat attaches to the car with the car seat belt no special fitting required.

How is the dog restrained in the seat ? 

The seat comes with a strap (Double seats comes with two straps, one for each dog) that attaches to the lap or shoulder part of the seat belt and to your dogs harness.

Are the covers removable to wash?

The covers have a zip around the bottom that allows them to be removed for hand washing.

Will the seats fit in a sports car seat?

The dog car seats are flat across the bottom.Most sports cars have a sports seat so while the seat will fit it may need to have something under or behind the seat to make it sit evenly.

How much are the seats ?

The price is on the pricing page of this website. It depends on which size and which fabric you choose.

The single seat is 50cm wide internally 40cm it takes up the room of one passenger leaving room for two passengers in the back. The single seat is suitable for small dogs. If the dogs are really tiny the single will take two dogs.

Medium 60cm internally 50cm it is in between the single and the double seat in size. Fit a slightly larger small dog or two small dogs.


The double seat is 70cm wide internally 60cm wide it will fit two to three small dogs or 1 medium size dog. Dogs that are longer in the body may be best in a medium or double to give them room to lie down.


All seats are the same height 20cm elevation and the same depth 47cm externally internally 37cm


You can fit 2 singles or 2 mediums or 1 single and 1 double in the back of

most cars. You can't fit 2 doubles.


Best to measure your dog base of neck to base of tail. Better to have more room than not enough.


Also available as a custom order mini 40cm internally 30cm only suitable for a very small dog.

What fabrics are available ?

Current fabrics that are available are shown on the Fabric for custom page of this website. If you prefer I can source fabrics for you.( This may incur an addition cost)

Please contact me by email and I can provide details of imported fabrics available.

How much is the freight cost?

If you email me you suburb and postcode I can do a quote on the freight for you. The doubles and medium seats are more expensive to send due to their size.

How long does it take once I order?

It normally takes around 2 weeks to complete an order, however can take up

to 3 weeks depending on the volume of orders

Will a double or medium fit in the front seat?

No both the double and medium are too large to fit in the front seat. It is not recommended that dogs or small children travel in the front seat in case the airbag deploys.

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