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Why Use A Dog Car Seat?

1. Keep Your Dog Restrained

The main reason to use a dog car seat is to keep your dog restrained.



Many dogs jump around the car which can be very distracting to the driver and dangerous for both you and your dog.



Dogs should never ride in the front seat in case the airbag deploys which could cause death

or serious injury.

2. Ensure Your Dog's Comfort.

Your dog will be able to see out the window.



Dogs love to see what's going on.



They are less likely to slide around, this can also help with motion sickness.



The seat is like a bed so your dog feels more secure and can even lie down and have a

sleep on longer trips.

3. Benefits For You

You are able to concentrate on driving and not be distracted by your dog on your lap or jumping around the car.

The car seat protects your car's upholstery.

Avoid a fine and loss of demerit points for having your dog on your lap or unrestrained.

A happy dog is a happy owner.

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